Who We Are


We Provide The Space.
You Bring The Ideas.

Alt Space provides the space to bring your ideas to life. Our space was designed to create the perfect surroundings for off-site meetings, market research, strategy sessions, creative workshops, team celebrations and gatherings of all types. Plus, there’s the expert advice and networking events to keep you ahead of the curve.

My Journey

When I started Alt Space, I wanted to create a place where people could run to when they wanted to get some work done, rather than the local coffee shop with busy moms and loud babies or at home where apparently you can do the washing, cleaning and cooking at the same time as your are working. I wanted a space where people could be creative, collaborate and get their work done in a distraction-free, productive environment. Alt Space provides focus.

That’s when I discovered co-working: a work-home where you have the freedom to work how you like (even if it is with a mouthful of cookies), have as much social interaction as you need and still be able to tap into the infrastructure of an office. Co-working is a more exciting way to work than going at it alone!

Entrepreneur, counselor, director, voracious reader, volunteer, mom and wife are all words that describe Founder Shelly Busse.

Shelly Busse


With over a decade of experience in leadership and manufacturing, she has an in-depth focus in helping clients develop a strong skill set plan to be successful.

Shelly has worked in many staple roles throughout her career including production manager, talent development and executive director. She is a certified facilitator and has a certification in Instructional Design, with experience in creating custom leadership programs.

Being actively involved in the New Bremen Community, you can find Shelly giving back by serving on the Board of Education and through being a member of the Auglaize Mercer Business Education Alliance. She is focused on helping educators and businesses prepare the next generation of working professionals and technicians.

“I have a strong passion for connecting industry and educators to work together to train the next generation of talent. My passion for eduction has allowed me to expand my focus to enhance other’s skill gaps on the front lines and inspire them to reach for the next level.” – Shelly Busse